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Here are some common questions about the Coaching at SCSR and Careers at Banking Sector.


Is Banking the Right Career for Me?

Banking as a career provides opportunities to students from all subjects. For instance, if you are a BA student with excellent communication skills, you can actually get placed with a banking BPO as process executive. Companies such as GE Money, Max New York and leading banks such as ICICI, HSBC, HDFC, Standard Chartered, American Express, to name a few, select students from colleges for their BPOs and KPOs.

Thus, choosing banking as a career is a wise option for those interested in growing fast in their careers and those who wish to get exposure to world markets at an early stage itself.

What would it Cost Me?

The fees structure for a banking bachelor’s degree varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 100,000 depending on the college you select.  At SCSR you can get a Bank job with one-time course fee.

Job Prospects in banking In India

Job opportunities for graduates and post-graduates in banking are excellent in India. Once you complete a selective professional course in banking, you will immediately be offered a position as a banking sales officer with the private banks. Of course, your technical skills and basic communication skills do matter in the process.

Besides, positions in insurance, personal loans, mortgages, collections and back office operations are always vacant and offer all bright to average students to avail the opportunities presented.

Banks such as ICICI, HSBC, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC, Standard Chartered, Barclay’s, and American Express are some of the companies that hire banking students at all levels depending on the colleges they are recruiting from.

Demand and Supply in Banking Jobs

Demand for banking process executives, collection officers and financial analysts with BPOs is the highest till date in India. There is still a considerable dearth of graduates, post-graduates who have mastered cost accounting.

Concepts such as Hedge Funds dominate the overseas markets. However, Indians still survive on 10 hour BPO and KPO jobs and definitely, these are excellent opportunities to begin with.

If you are a graduate in banking or any other degree with an aptitude for it, just go for it. There is always demand for banking professionals.


Tips for Getting Hired

There is no substitute for hardworking. But the following guidelines may help you prepare better

  • Be thorough with accounting and financial skills acquired in school and college.
  • Display a mathematical aptitude to impress the interviewers.
  • Speak to the point and measure everything quantitatively as you display your subject skills.
  • Carry your awards and certificates from school and college when you appear for the interview.
  • Be dressed formally and speak boldly as this is a prerequisite for all candidates appearing for interviews with banking organizations.
  • Assure the interviewers that you are a target-oriented person who loves daily challenges and narrow deadlines.
  • Assure the interviewers that you have no hassles working extra hours every day.
Do you help in placement after I complete my course?

Yes, at SCSR Institute you can undergo training until you get a job for a one-time fee and we also offer free training for attending interviews once you are qualified in the bank exam.

Market Watch

During the recession of 2009, the demand for banking professionals drastically reduced. Many top finance organizations went bankrupt and several others laid off thousands of employees in India.

However in the recent days, the situation is far better and the same enthusiasm has been revived. With popular mergers and acquisitions such as Royal Bank of Scotland and ABN Amro, people do see hope at the end of the tunnel. The world economy has revived itself to the post-recession challenges quite effectively.

International Focus

The CAT scores and GMAT scores after graduation enable students to get into post-graduate programs in banking per se. However, even as a banking professional who joins after a BCom with a leading bank, you can look forward to excellent scope and growth in your career.

The international market offers challenging roles for banking professionals nonetheless.

What are Pros and Cons in Banking Sector?

•    Banking professionals are required all year long. After privatization, the requirement for banking professionals has increased manifold.
•    Students with different specializations such as Science, Arts and Commerce can apply for jobs with banks after equipping themselves with diplomas that provide them with the basic knowledge required in the banking organizations.
•    Salaries of students getting placed abroad are huge and provide excellent scope for professional and personal growth.

•    Post recession, the enthusiasm of several banking organizations has been dampened.
•    A student from other fields will require developing enormous expertise in financial matters.

Payments in Banking Jobs

What is the Pay Packet in Banking Jobs?

The pay scales for banking student who is a fresher could vary anywhere from Rs 8,000 to Rs 20,000 to begin with. Students who have post graduated from top b-schools and banking institutions can expect up to Rs 8 lakhs per annum for the role of relationship managers depending on their overall scores and the college they are from.

Several banking companies recruit Indian students from the IIMs, XLRI, FMS and other popular colleges every year for pay packages not less than Rs. 10 lakhs per annum.

However, please be wary that the financial markets are ever fluctuating and may all of a sudden cause crashes in career. There is a constant need to keep yourself updated with latest trends in banking so you remain relevant in your job profile.

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