We are happy to announce that Sri Chintam Sidda Reddy Coaching Center for Bank exams is starting from 03-02-2017. Admissions are in progress. For any kind of information and admission details, please click here to contact

SCSR - A Journey from Good to Great !


About SCSR

Welcome to SCSR Bank Coaching Institute. Here we educate the next generation of leaders for the world’s largest and most dynamic industry ie. banking.

We are starting Sri Chintam Sidda Reddy  bank exam coaching centre in Rayachoti, with a view to providing expert coaching to the candidates who face Bank and Insurance entrance exams.

We also provide coaching in descriptive part in the English language for specialised coaching to succeed in SBI PO and clerk exams. These contribute in making it a fact that SCSR Institute is among the best bank exam coaching centres in Kadapa Dist.

At SCSR learning is a potent combination of generally accepted principles, written material, personal experiences and a vision of the future to be. Holistic Techniques such as problem-based learning, visualisation, accelerated learning are used and encouraged.

Our Vision

Spreading awareness of job opportunities and career in banking among the graduates and providing excellent coaching to the candidates who face Bank and Insurance entrance exams.

Our Mission

We are committed to bridging the gap between talent and opportunity in the Banking Sector and to conducting its business with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Courses Offered

SCSR as a top class bank exam coaching centre in Rayachoti, helps the student to enhance their level of knowledge in the banking sector and assists them to enhance their performance.


At SCSR Coaching centre admissions can be had in any of the following two courses:

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Our Features

SCSR Core Values


Sense of Discipline


Spirit of Truth


Quality and Excellence through Smart-work


Continuous support and guidance


Awareness of job opportunities in Banking


Inculcating friendly nature, social and ethical values

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Team

We are a bunch of committed, passionate individuals who believe each one of us is unique and We strongly believe in nurturing the individual talent.

Smt. Chintham Parvathamma
Chairman and Director

I wish to start with my husband’s quote “standing on one’s own is good, but making someone to stand on their own is great”

Both of my sons got their jobs and I am always proud of them. We want all the graduates to crack the jobs and make their parents proud. That’s the biggest gift any graduate can give to their parents. On behalf of my husband’s dream, your parents’ dream, we started “SCSR coaching centre in Rayachoti” with the faculty well-known for their performance and teaching for years.

I hope all the graduates use this opportunity to unlock my dreams, dreams of your parents.

I am so happy with my mother’s decision to start a bank coaching centre for all the graduates in and around Rayachoti with a fantastic team. I love her philanthropic roots and genuine concern towards graduates.

I promise to continue my support to my mother’s dream.. All the best to SCSR coaching centre, Rayachoti and team..

Thank you all

C. Uma Maheswara Reddy
Senior software developer, HCl technologies

C. Umasankar Reddy
PO, Canara Bank

I am so glad and proud to be the son of the MD, chairman and director of “Sri Chintham Sidda Reddy coaching centre, Rayachoti”.   I appreciate the sense of her commitment towards the journey of “good to great” and “job for all”. Hope all the graduates use this oppurtunity.

I wish all the best to the team of  Sri Chintham Sidda Reddycoaching centre, Rayachoti.

thank you all

I am happy to be the part of a successful team. I love the vison statement of the coaching centre that “quality and excellence through smart work”. I assure our team and students will ” work together and win together”. Jayahoo SCSR coaching centre..

Thank you all

Mr.Sreenath Reddy
Incharge SCSR  bank coaching centre


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SCSR Coaching Center

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